Dream Merchant

“Can I borrow your dreams?”

“my dreams?”


“why? if I may ask.”

“I want to own your dreams.”

“You said you want to borrow it,didn’t you ?”

“yes I did”

“Then how can you own it?”

“I never said I am gonna return it to you,did I ?”

” You mean you will borrow it to own it? ”


“And what makes you think I’ll let you do it?”

“Because when I own it, I take the ownership of converting it into reality.”

” who are you ,anyways?”

” Me….”


“Dream merchant .”

“Dream merchant ?? you trade in dreams ?”

“Yes I do.”

“Where can I find you ?”

” Me ? I reside in you. I’m your faith…I’m your belief.”
(Just let your faith borrow your dreams.)