Love me tender


He smelled the oakish flavour of chardonnay and took a shallow sip. He lifted his goblet to see his beloved through the sparkling white of chardonnay. She looked beautiful as ever……standing next to the road waiting for him anxiously. He was soaked in her beauty for a moment. She was neither slim not voluptuous; but her curvaceous body sent a rush of blood to his head. The passion oozes from every pore of her curvaceous body. His love for her grew stronger with each passing day. Despite the epithet of “Crazy lover” given by his friends, his blazing passion for her never got dampened.

“They are jealous of me, sweetheart…..don’t worry, they fail to appreciate the beauty in you”, he would often console his beloved.

He remembered the good times he had with her……..long ride on a beach on moonlit night……getting soaked in the rain together……sharing his deepest secrets and fears with her……how they fought against the wind… he gave her bath.

He gulped down his wine and kept the $20 bill under the goblet. He looked at her and found her staring back at her invitingly. Beautifully shining under the glory of the sun…….mesmerized…..he walked slowly towards her.

He caressed her back and kissed her metallic body. He started his Harley-davidson’s softail deuce bike and felt the fire in her…ready to engulf him. He surrendered to his love and cruised along …….making love to her on a stretched bed of tar and gravel.

——- Binzy

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