Kiss me again

She looked at her with narrow eyes and enjoyed the anxiety of this 40 years old spinster. The reflected light from crystal maze fell mysteriously on her wrinkled face and made gypsy woman more mystic. Gypsy woman gazed into the crystal and smile caressed her wrinkled dry lips.

“Listen lady…..neither cold nor hot. Neither day nor night…..neither indoor nor outdoor………something will change your life forever. Your life will pivot around that point……”, she uttered in dramatic tone.

“what’s that…..I mean I don’t get it.”, she asked her hesitantly.

“Patience….must you know everything at this point. Even I don’t know what it is…….wait and watch,lady”, she said in very low voice,barely audible.

Pam kept $20 on the extended palm of gypsy woman and walked out of the tent with ill-at-ease.


Few months later….just before fall……

” Neither cold nor hot”

It would be her last day of “Fine art classes” and she was feeling the tinge of sadness in her heart for bidding goodbye to all her classmates especially Larry. Larry was shy, reticent……kinda lone wolf and ten years younger to her.Ever since she broke up with Andy, some ten years ago, she never felt like getting into the relationship again. She often liked being with Larry as he made her feel more comfortable with herself. Often Larry would walk her home when the class got over and talked about his dreams which pretty much dovetailed with her. Larry and Pam hit it off right from the day one they met in the class. She was little over 40 and was conscious of her age in the class of youngers and Larry was quite fascinated with her maturity. He never made an attempt to ask her out in last twelve months…nor she ever felt that way. It had become a ritual for them to share the same desk, walk together after the class got over. In her intense loneliness, Larry was her knight-in-the-shining-armour who would shred her loneliness into pieces with his sharp sword of innocence. Larry was he sole rescuer in her misery and depression. She would often accommodate him in her thoughts and talked to him in her fantasy. She was not sure if he ever felt the same way for her too and she was afraid to ask too lest he might lose a good friend.

The maple leaves were turning into exotic yellow and fall was making her nostalgic. She almost broke down into tears when she hugged all her classmates. She was walking silently with Larry and even he was more silent than ever.Her heart was heavy…..perhaps this was the last walk she would ever have with Larry. Her hand brushed with his accidentally and sensations ran deep in to her. She had to fight her impulses to hold his hand. Shy sun was hiding below the horizon and looked like there was fire in the sky matching the one’s in the heart of Pam.

“Neither day nor night”

They reached her apartment. She walked morosely into the lobby of the building and turned back to find Larry still standing there with lost look in his eyes. Something in her look made Larry move towards the lobby. She was standing at the threshold of lobby with million question on her mind.

“Neither indoor nor outdoor”

He hold her hand and looked deep in her eyes. The answers were lying in his eyes. He pulled her close to him…..their lips met and their souls entwined in ecstasy.

“something will change your life forever”

He looked at her shyly and searched for words. She looked at him in anticipation….not knowing what he would say next. Could this be the last goodbye or a beginning of beautiful journey ???

He hold her hand and brought it to his lips…..planted a kiss on his hand.

“Pam….what do I need to do to accommodate me in your heart ?”, He asked shyly with love pouring from his eyes.

“Nothing….just kiss me again…”, She said boldly and moved forward with closed eyes.

“Your life will pivot around that point…..”

“Yes,this is my life…..oh,thank you Gypsy woman”, She silently thanked gypsy woman in her thoughts.

————- Binzy


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