One fine morning

Her watch showed 7:15 am when she opened the main door of their one room apartment. The room was reeked of alcohol, semen and nicotine. Bedsheet was crumpled and a stained pillow was tucked between his naked thighs….an abortive attempt to cover his loins. Books were thrown randomly on the floor…..only one book was half-opened with the title “How to write an impressive resume”. A gigantic CRT monitor was showing the wall papers of ‘kareena kapoor’. She touched the key on the keyword and it flashed one of the webpage from She went close to the bed and lady’s perfume filled her nostrils. He was sleeping peacefully and lifelessly. He always reminded her of a used condom…..filthy, useless and stinking but yet carried the seeds of life in it. The air in the room was saturated with frustration, hopelessness and despair…….slowly it formed a dagger-shaped cloud and started hovering over her head. It began to disintegrate and slowly immersed in her head….and bursted. The teardrop started welling up in her eyes and few rolled over the threshold of femininity. It rolled down slowly over the dark circles under her eyes which were gifted from a call-centre job and her late-night-shifts. She looked at the pile of bills on the vertical file cabinet and wiped her tears. She took deep breath and pushed him little further on the bed. He murmured and rolled to his side with his naked butt jutting out. She lied down next to him and sensed no affection. She put her hands between her thighs and slept like an embryo.

———– Binzy


7 thoughts on “One fine morning

  1. A loveless relationship which is sapping her and she remains it it like an embryo with no choice…reality!….happens to most women…to breakout is to start a journey into uncharted waters…great write.
    may i make a suggestion…try commas and fullstops…they add to the writing.

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