Romance with Forks

Wikipedia encyclopedia describes ‘Fork’ as a piece of cutlery or kitchen ware, a fork is a tool consisting of a handle with several narrow tines (usually two, three or four) on one end. I describe it as another object of negligence which rarely catches someone’s eyes. Just a wicked thought….a thought to pay tribute to beautiful piece of cutlery ,without which table etiquette will lose its whole essence. There’s a beauty in the craftsmanship of a fork. I tried to captured few macro shots of the moods of this precious cutlery . So, here’s my experiment with macro photography with a tinge of surrealism.

Desperate fork

Artistic four fingers in the hand which assist any food to be relished by its lovers.

Fork and knife

Companionship since eternity………works hands in glove.

Mystic fork

Immensive power of the fingers emerging from nowhere.

Thinking forks

This reminds me of a politician hands clasped together……trying to take a major decision. The shadows of these thinking forks producing wonderful shadows on the table.

Lonesome fork depicting solitude

Tried to capture one of the mood of the fork against light and shadow.

Fork and pea (amalgmation of colours)

I like the green colour of pea against the metal prong.

Hope you all like my little experiment with still macro photography.


10 thoughts on “Romance with Forks

  1. Hello Binny:

    Came over from Mansi’s place. Wow! Totally bowled over by the camera play on the forks. Such indistinct objects show sheer beauty when captured through the lens.

    Must appreciate your eye for such things as ‘forks.’

    Joy always,

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