Burst the bubbles

‘phut’…’phut’…Do you like bursting bubble?

Everytime I see air-filled pill-shaped bubble,the sheer temptation to release the air from these bubbles are irrestible. Many a time, I loathe my weekness of felling prey to this temptation but then the rewards always outweigh the feeling of discomfort. It seems such an addiction that I don’t feel like taking rest till I burst all the bubbles in the wrap. It happens everytime I lay my hands on one.

Just bought my new LCD monitor which was wrapped in bubble-wrap . Guess what……the excitement of bursting bubbles superseded the excitement of new LCD. The child in me stirred after along time…..it was like he woke up from the deep slumber of growing up. I let the child in me get the better of me whenever I see a chance to burst the bubble. This is one temptation which I would never repress or suffocate with the blanket of growing-up.

If there’s any bubble-burster-maniac like me,please do visit this site