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She folded her umbrella, as rain stopped abruptly, and stood in the queue at bus-stop. A long wait for the bus to carry her to office and throw her into the vortex of daily mundane life. The woman before her, in the queue, was wearing a strong perfume and assaulting her olfactory nerves . She turned her head to inhale fresh air to clear off the remnant of perfume from her nostrils.

The man with golden curls caught her attention and shiver ran down her spine. He was wearing black business suit and had a mischievous smile on his lips; perhaps one of the shenanigans of the business world. Her eyes were glued to him and chased him to extract more information about the characteristics of that man. Finally he caught her eyes and his mischievous smile was replaced by a welcoming smile. Her heart skipped a beat or two. He looked away and started walking on Zebra-crossing. She absorbed the pleasure of watching his broad shoulders, slim hip and swaying curls. The spring in his gait was mesmerizing. Millions of thoughts crossed her mind — some were sacred, some were profane…..some were genuine, some were fake…..some were exhilarating, some were taboos……Her eyes were still exploring the remnants of his masculinity in the direction where he trotted last and disappeared in the multitude of faces. She was amazed as well as shocked at this recently explored hidden self. The bus pulled by and sudden jab in her upper arm from a lady behind brought her to reality. She touched her “Mangalsutra” (sacred thread worn by married Indian women) and tried to dispel all hidden promiscuous thoughts from her mind.

“How could I have room for such thoughts after ten years of marriage ? ” she chided herself mentally. A twinge of guilt swept on her and she started rummaging her purse to pay her bus-fare.
———– Binzy

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25 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. sometimes it’s ok.if men can marvel at women even after their marriage,why can’t such thoughts cross a woman’s mind. rules should be the same for both.

  2. @ Viyoma – thank you, glad you like it.

    @Rinzu – thanks for your comment. I’m totally in agreement with you.

  3. Cheeky !
    But amazing-not only true but also a very poignant truth with our society and its emphasis on arranged marriages !

  4. Hello!

    Totally realistic! True. There is a hidden side to everyone that often doesn’t surface due to a lot of restrictions..some self and some societal… Glad to have read something neat,short and totally apt! All the best with BATOM 🙂

    Raksha – Hidden

  5. Hey ma8, I was trying to see through all the entries and yours is the first one that i took the effort to read because, i feel the rest until yours were either painfully long or uninteresting to me. I mean no offence to others, its just my opinion.. ALl the best mate!!

  6. very pragmatic take on hidden….
    liked ur presentation and narration…
    the taboos of indian society make us to hide more and more ….
    Hence we mask ourselves everyday ….
    one of the gud posts in BAT11…

  7. That was a very interesting narrative exploring the hidden side of a person’s mind. In India mythology though on one hand we have ideals of Sita and Savitri on the other hand have instances of sages’ wives lusting for Devas and Gandharvas. So in that sense the feeling is not something really new or modern.

  8. Now, lust isn’t a sin. We should appreciate it like we do with the other feelings and it is very normal for a woman to notice a handsome man.
    Very nice post! 🙂

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