An ode to mumbai-train-blast (7/11-2006)

Scattered limbs embalm with gore and blood,
Charred bodies fuses together like Siamese twins;
Shattered eardrums and torn flesh,
Narrates the gory tales of massacre;
Blood-red carpet welcomes hatred,
Foot-prints in it make mockery of freedom;

Cataract-smitten eyes fixes on ajar-doors,
A never-ending wait for her bread-winner;
Half-asleep kid transfix his gaze at old clock,
Awaits his mentor to put him to sleep;
Belle smiles at her reflection in the mirror,
Secret in her womb will be shared tonight;

Many hopes,aspirations and dreams,
Shatter in those unfortunate metal-rooms;
Question the incapacitate mind of the script writer,
And the director of this saga;
A defeated purpose which attracts millions of curses,
And sighs of suffering souls.