Cold toilet seat and the thought process

Even though Archimedes principle was invented in the bathroom with “Eureka” or many leading opera singers developed their vocal skills in the washroom or motivational speakers practiced their speech in front of inanimate white porcelain wash basin, bathtub and mirror; no one dared mentioned the importance of neglected porcelain cesspool. On the contrary, East Asians will hang 5-solid-brass chime over it to suppress the bad chi which is supposed to emanate from it.

When I am assaulted by the cacophony of my alarm in the morning and make beeline to washroom like a somnambulist, there’s another surprise in store for me. The oval-shaped cold acrylic thingie caresses my bare butt and shivers run up my spine. I am thrown out of half-asleep nirvana state to fully aware conscious beta level which many meditation-savvy practitioners will envy. Now comes the real challenge……s(h)itting and doing nothing on cold toilet seat for a while cajoles your mind to focus on quality issues which have taken the back seat in our daily activities . These are basic issues like “protruding belly, which you can feel on your thighs now” , “Being aware of crow’s-feet around your eyes”, “How lint accumulates in your belly button” etc…etc.  Always remember, self-awareness is the highest form of awareness. Look at the bright side – at least you are not thinking about neighbour’s big plasma TV or your kid’s demand of Bionicle’s toys or who will be the winner in “Indian Idol”. This way you are preventing yourself from getting entangled in useless thoughts.

My Dad utilizes this time on toilet seat by rubbing tips of fingers together in anticipation to get dark thick hair on his scanty-haired skull ( thanks to Baba Ramdevji), while one of my relative presses the mount under the thumb to cure his thyroid (Baba Ramdevji). All this happens in 10′ x 8′ enclosed space on a cold toilet seat. Look at it in this way —- this space is your realm, you are ‘the king’ here and this cold toilet seat is your throne which gives you the power of manifesting events in this space. This act of manifestation prepares you to face the trivial worldly matters with more efficiency. It’s this cold toilet seat which holds your torso and engage your mind in qualitative analysis of issues.

Assuming you are spending 20 minutes on the cold toilet seat every day, this translates into 406 full days if you live up to see your 80th birthday. 406 days, no kidding !!  Are you making the most of it ????


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