Goodbye (1)

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“Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye?”

Through his lachrymose eyes , Sanjay saw the blurry curvaceous figure of his love. He ran his long slender artistic fingers over the curves and felt love emanating from every pores of the contour. His fingers traced the tail-piece, F-hole and the belly of his lover with burning passion and he knew he would not be able to hold his tears anymore on the threshold of his masculinity. The memories of he holding his lover in his arm and dancing the cosmic dance together on the symphony of Tchaikovsky‘s  ‘ Romeo and Juliet’ was still so vivid in his head that he could recall every vibration in his lover’s body . Sanjay brought his head down on the base of his lover’s slender neck and burst into crying. With the intensity of millions suns on his quivering lips , he kissed the nape of his lover’s neck. All of sudden, his heart was smitten by anguish which was ready to engulf him merciless. His sagacity was clouded and he never felt so confused in his life. Sanjay saw himself trampling over his dreams and followed his father’s dream of being a successor of his father’s corporate empire.

He hugged his petite lover for the last time and put his lover in the  black vinyl padded  coffin very carefully as not to strum any of the four strings accidentally lest his lover might wake up from the deep slumber and make him weak again. The bow was kept by the side of its dormant body and he started ruminating on his lover.

 It has kept him the company after the demise of his mother three months after his 12th birthday when his uncle gifted him with this beautiful violin. His dad’s aloofness and involvement in  his business had helped him to build close proximity to his violin to assuage his loneliness. His father  seized this opportunity to shirk away from his paternal responsibilities and hired a personal teacher to teach music lessons at home, so that he could concentrate on building his conglomerate without focussing on his son’s needs. Sanjay picked up everything what his tutor had to teach. He picked up Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Gershwin, Beethoven and Zubin mehta in no time. When the time to come to make his career of his passion, he landed up as a violinist in Symphony Orchestra of India for three years on a meagre salary. His frustration started building as his father started putting pressure on him to join his business. Eventually he capitulated to his father’s megalomania and suffocated his passion.

He picked up a yellow post-it and wrote in bold letters ” RIP , GOODBYE MY LOVE ” and put it on the case. Instead of burying the padded coffin, he started climbing the stairs of his attic and kept the case in the attic. A last long look followed by welling of tears in his eyes and his lips move to utter one last inaudible word ” GOODBYE”.

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26 thoughts on “Goodbye (1)

  1. Ha, very creative simile drawn there between the lover’s body and the violin…Sad how many talents and interests do go down the drain for the sake of the parents wishes and financial dreams..
    ATB for BAT-13

  2. Touching story. Did he have to say goodbye to music though? Could he not have squeezed it into his daily life somehow? I only ask cos I cannot imagine even a day in my life without music! All the best for BAT!

  3. ur a lover of music no doubt..! touching story and the comparison of the lover to the violin was well done. lovely narration..!

    all the best for BATOM..!

  4. @Tikilicious-Thank you kindly !!

    @Vibhuti-You are right. It happens most of the time that we have to push our passions into oblivion in order to follow the conventional wisdom of the society. Thanks for your comment.

    @Jaspreet- You always inspired me with your lovely comments.Thank you so much !

  5. @ Dreamer – No he never said goodbye to music. It will linger in every breath he takes and torment him for the rest of his life unless he does soul-exploration and picks up his passion again. Thanks for your comment.

  6. @ Leo – Coming from you means a lot, Leo. Thanks.

    @ Home tutors – Thanks for dropping by and leaving comment.

    @ Gyanban – A comment from a master story-teller made my day 🙂 Thank you !!

  7. It’s hard when one pushes you to stop on something you really love and enjoy doing…

    It’s simply killing a passion in you that makes you happiest or had made you happy in those times when you were alone!

    A very good take on the prompt Goodbye! I could feel the heartaches!

  8. I don’t know why but as I was reading “holding his lover dancing to Romeo and Juliet” I had a feeling it was not human. I imagined a guitar actually. 😀 So when you revealed it was a violin I was like “I thought so”. You could have held on the suspense if you had used “her” instead of “lover”. Just my opinion.

    A different take on the topic. I am hoping he said goodbye only to that violin and not music entirely! All the best!

  9. @Vee -I’m happy my post cajoled you to go back to your passion 🙂 Thank you kindly.

    @Phoenixritu – Glad you like the story. Thank you so much.

    @Amity- It’s actually hard. Thank you for liking the post.

  10. @Rajlakshmi- That’s a real morale-boosting comment. Thank you.

    @someone is special – Thank you for liking the story. Your comments are always inspiring.

    @Gkam- Thank you for visiting my posts and leaving lovely comments on it.

  11. @Vikash – Glad you like the comparison between violin and lover’s body. Thanks for lovely comment.

    @Keerthi- Thanks for the suggestion but violin is an inanimate object so it was referred as ‘it’. I’ll definitely try to make it real next time with efficient usauge of words.Thanks for you lovely comment.

    @Shahid- Thanks for dropping by and your beautiful comment.

    @Sidrasayeed-Thank you so much.

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