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Shroud of mist,
Encapsulates a suffering soul;
Abortive attempt to peek,
through the birth-death window;
Fettered by the law of universe,
Awaits time to plunge in humanity;
Some unquenched desires,
And unfulfilled purposes;
Then a bell tolls,
A finger beckons,
Mist condenses,
And mingles with fluid like soul;
Cascades down through the window,
Into the realm of mortality;
And somewhere a woman conceives;
A return into the world of sufferings.

———— Binzy

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29 thoughts on “Return

  1. @someone is special – Glad you like it. Thank you for your inspiring comment !!

    @Phoenixritu – As always your comments lift my spirits. Thank you !!

  2. @Dreamer- Thank you kindly !!

    @Jaspreet – I always wish the same. Do you know there are tribes in North-eastern state of India known as Garo, Khasi and Jayantia; they actually celebrate death and remorse birth. These tribes belong to the state of Meghalaya.There’s a strong spiritual philosophy attached to these events. Thanks for your comment, Jaspreet !!

  3. Hey Binzy! am back 🙂
    Well, I have heard about these tribes but I didn’t know that they celebrate death and remorse birth- i guess that they actually show to the world what they feel, unlike us, who just keep cribbing and fretting about life’s unfairness behind the closed doors, and by putting up a fake smile in front of the world – pretending that we are hoping for the things to change soon when we know that some things will never change.

  4. Liked your post and esp your reference to the tribes later on in the comments.
    Have a joke in mind that encapsulates similar thoughts although in a lighter vein. But that is a little too scandalous for a public forum so some other time perhaps.

  5. I have read all praises above and have no different words to say than all of them together..simply great !
    Whats your next take …share soon !

  6. @ Mahesh – Thanks for the comment, bud !!

    @ Khitij – Thanks for your morale-boosting comment.

    @ Sid – Coming from you Carry a lot of weight !!

    @ Brijender – Any time Brij, I’m all ears for your joke 😉

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