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Stupid it may sound, but the topic ‘free’ given me a chance to list few of my shortcomings in my life. I’m sure you all would agree that writing something in black and white empower oneself to act on it. I just closed my eyes for a few moments and took few deep breaths to calm myself. I focussed on what I need to be freed myself from. I jotted down what came in my mind first without resisting any of these thoughts. In next 90 seconds I had listed down 7 shortcomings which I want to be freed of.

I Folded this paper and put in the envelope with heading ‘things that are weighing me down’. These shortcomings or challenges were latent and dragging me down for so long unknowingly. I strongly feel that most of my stress are originated from these flaws.

Your mind works miraculously when it sees your thoughts in visual form and starts exploring avenues to find right solution of any problem. One of the purpose of the mind is to bring equilibrium in one’s life. I jotted down quickly few action plans to combat these shortcomings. I visualize these shortcomings burning away into ashes and I’m free as a bird to explore the whole sky of opportunities and blessings that the life has to offer. I took the envelope closely to a burning candle.

The envelope started burning magnificently in crimson glory and I’m beginning to feel the shackle which had tethered me to these challenges slowly melting away into oblivion.

Accurate diagnosis of any disease can facilitate the cure in most efficient manner. I strongly feel once you know what need to be done to bring equilibrium in your life, your mind formulates strategy to make it happen. With every inch of envelope turning into ashes brought a sense of freedom.

I held it in my hand till my thumb and index finger no longer bear the heat and then it dropped to the floor and smoulders to ashes. Felt a new freedom surge in myself like a dormant hibernated bear woke up at the helm of spring.

My action plan is in place to combat these shortcomings and it’s been written in black and white too. I promise myself ” No procrastination”. Even though this exercise is long over, the image of burning envelope is deeply engraved in my memory and I can refresh that image at my will. I’m sure this will be a constant reminder of my desire to be freed from these shortcomings.

I’m already feeling free……….can’t wait to feel totally free in real sense though !!

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