The Black Friday blues

The clock mocked at me  with  its  scornful  glee  by  showing  me  a blurry hieroglyph of 6:45 am. I opened my eyes wide to decipher the meaning of 6:45 am. The blood gushed to my head and with a shot of adrenaline I woke up like a zombie.  It’s an age-old curse on the proletariat class– slavery to the clock. First thought that surfaced up in my mind was getting late for the work.  The very second thought mitigated the impact of the first one; it was my day off the work.  I tried to resign myself to bed with valiant efforts; but the damage was already done by now. I had a throbbing pain in my temples and sleep was a distant dream by now.  In some far corner of my dark brain, a neuron brought up an oblivious song “I’m on fire” by Bruce Springsteen; where Bruce relates headache to “A freight train running through the middle of the head”. I could worship Bruce Springsteen’s simile at that point in time.

I mustered up some remnants of my dormant motivation and dragged myself out of the bed. I gulped down a cup of hot tea to warm up my oesophagus and dispel the chimera. By now I had a premonition of how my day would shape up; but I thought of challenging it by doing something worthwhile.  So, I made mental notes to pick up Christmas gifts for my daughter from Wal-Mart and then have a hair-cut. I dashed to Wal-Mart with the thought that it’s “Black Friday” and I might not get all the items. Much to my chagrin, everything in the flyer was sold out by the time I reached there.  The next predicament ready to assimilate me was my experience with the coiffure who claimed to be connoisseur of locks. He , who reminded me of Sweeney Todd, beckoned me to his chair to unleash his 30 years of experience in cutting hairs on me. After 20 minutes of ordeal and $15 later, my reflection in the mirror reminded me of a punk who had put his finger in the electrical socket to get a crazy hair-do. I cursed under the breath as I could have done better job than this at home with my Remington hair clipper. I decided to call it quits and catch some sleep as I was sleep deprived for most of the week. My forty winks were short-lived as my daughter woke me up after one hour of sound sleep as she wanted me to put on her WII console. Ahhhh…………………..

All in all, they say there`s always a silver lining in every darkest cloud. It was pretty true. No matter how my day turned out to be and when I summed it up to put it in this blog, I have managed to break the shackles of Writer`s Block which I`d been going through for past 102 days.