Elixir of life (short story)

Sun peeked through his window and caressed his unshaved cheek. The chirped of a bird on his windowsill convinced him of a beautiful day ahead . He judged the vacant side of the bed through his half-opened eyes and tried to smoothen the wrinkled sheet which witnessed the wild love-making last night. He yawned and fumbled for his robe to cover his nudity.

“Another lovely hot and sultry day…..”, he smiled and opened the french door of his first story’s balcony. Wrapping himself with robe, he rested his elbows on the metal railings of the balcony. Smile forced a minor crease on his lips when he saw a jogger drenched in her own sweat , walking slowly under his balcony. He could see the back-strap of her bra through her wet shirt and her cotton shorts seemed to be stuck in the cleft of her posterior. His eyes were fixed on the rhythmic motions of soft round mounds which was poetry to his eyes. His eyes followed the stanzas of ‘the poetry’ till the poetess realized that she had to pull the stuck piece of fabric from her cleft.

This balcony was the chief catalyst in his decision to move with Jane in this apartment. He could get the full view of this beautiful deserted street under his balcony with a couple of street vendors just beneath his balcony. It was his morning ritual to stand here on the balcony and read the poetries with his eyes. His eyes would evaluate the abstractness of his poetries and wring the nectar out of it to start his day. He would call it ‘elixir of life’.

He stood there for another moment, then he realized his robe was not covering him properly. He tried to pull both sides of robe to cover his naked thighs and stomach.

“Damn, its Jane’s robe. So many times I told her not to buy same-coloured robes…..”, he hissed under his breath and walked into the room baring his tidbits of flesh.

While getting out of his robe, he mused ” How our lives get affected unknowingly by others is still a biggest mystery !! “.


She was patiently clipping the dried stalks of flowers at her flower stall, waiting for her regular customers. She saw this beautiful dressed lady walked out of the apartment.

“Have a great day, Ms. Jane.”, she wished her gracefully with a sting of jealousy and looked up at the balcony. All she could see through the iron railings was a sparrow chirping on the windowsill.

This florist’s widow was forced to get into his late husband’s profession by the economic pressure of raising two young kids. The thought of remarrying someone was pushed away with the fear of unknown stepfather for her sons. She was awkward in the skill of arranging flowers according to colours and sizes in the beginning but she learned fast. She also learned fast the skill to keep men away from her life while accommodating her wild thoughts about them. She would smoulder in passion with her thoughts and would make love to her thoughts. Her thoughts were often filled with the images of him standing in the robe in his balcony.

She had seen his flat six-pack abs getting transformed into slight flabby stomach in last two years. She had seen his firm thighs losing tonality in these years but her passion for him never went flaccid. He was standing there with that mysterious look in his eyes which dripped ‘elixir of life’. She looked at her half bared body through the corner of her eyes and she felt the surge of passion in her…..ready to savour the dripping ‘elixir of life’ through his eyes. She would drink him every morning with her eyes for he was the ‘elixir’ of life’ for her.

Then she saw him dashing into the house pulling his robe…….her thirst was quenched and she was all set to face another day in her life. She started arranging flowers in the basket and mused ” How we affect other’s life unknowingly is still a biggest mystery !!“.