Few frozen moments

This year was totally devoid of snow and winter in India probably would make Canadian winter run for its money. Last year we had freezing rain and temperature dropped to almost -18C with the windchill of -22C in the month of January. The city officials kept giving warning that anybody out in this cold for more than 20 minutes would be frozen or subjected to severe frost-bite. However, ,I went out and witnessed some of the picturesque moments…….which were captured in my camera. This is last year’s winter.

Frozen stems encapsulated with ice. The contrast of brown colour against the white is real enthralling.

I call  it frozen fingers of poor tree. One of my macro shot of leaves.

Who says leave-less tree looks ugly…..when I look at this tree,I was totally mesmerized with the beauty of it. It looked so surreal to me.

I like the crystalline formation of ice on these pointy leaves.

These leaves look like few giant tarantulas fighting with each other.

These leave-less vegetation sticking out of the snow really captured my attention and I captured them in my camera. Hope you all like it. 


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