Labyrinth of a question (55 words)

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Labyrinth of a question

The identities of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian were reduced to silhouettes against the mighty golden sun on Chowpatty beach. The lengthening shadows of silhouettes mingled on the creased tear-stained face of Ayesha “Tai” who sells peanuts on the same spot where her young Mustafa was laid to nightmarish sleep in the riot of 1992.


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Image – Shades of Orange by Harsha Chittar
Courtesy – Curious Dino Photography via


31 thoughts on “Labyrinth of a question (55 words)

  1. 55 fiction – Didnt think I’d come across that type. So, congratulations on doing something different.

    now, to the post – it’s v good and realistic. Coincidentally, I read another post about someone selling peanuts. ha 🙂

    Good thought process… your silhouette idea is good – like something where religions dont find a place. Good one. Sorry for the messed up comment (am writing as I think… and not looking back)

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