The woman on platform number 10


(Drawn by my nail in ‘handraw’ app on an android phone)

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Draped in red saree, her face felt good against the coolness of metal pillar which was displaying the platform number. The weight of the gigantic garland in her hands triggered the excruciating pain in her shoulders. She looked around to catch the lachrymose eyes of an aged inspector and nodded her head as to convey calmness. Aged inspector took out the handkerchief from his pocket to dab his eyes and moved forward to welcome the newly appointed chief minister who was supposed to inaugurate ‘shatabadi express’ from Meerut to New Delhi today.

10:45 AM

‘Bahubali’ Pratap singh was newly elected as the Chief minister in spite of charged with numerous cases of kidnapping, rape, extortion, running illegal liquor bars and brothels around the state. It’s amazing how tyranny stems out of democracy and crawls all over it. Not a single soul had the courage to stand up and oppose the election of a hooligan as their leader. Today ‘bahubali’ Pratap singh was all set to take pride in cutting the ribbon and driving the train by himself for full 11 kms till next station ‘Amingar’. The ubiquitous influence of photographers and press reporters in shaping his career as politician was very fulfilling and rewarding. ‘Bahubali’ wore his favourite white silk ‘kurta’ for this occasion and was beaming with euphoria as he was putting his best side in front of the public through his pet pressmen. The entire platform was closed for the public and trains were rescheduled keeping in the mind the security of ‘Bahubali’.

10:51 AM

Her long hair waved liked serpents as ‘Satabadi express’ chugged through the platform and came to halt abruptly in the middle of the platform. She moved slowly towards the engine where ‘Bahubali’ was waiting anxiously to ride the engine. A security man stopped her and checked the garland throughly which rested on her protruding belly. He smiled sheepishly and allowed her to go. Aged inspector looked at his daughter-in-law, draped in red saree, moving slowly with heavy garland towards ‘Bahubali’. She reminded him of ‘Chandi’ on her way to kill demons.

10:53 AM

‘Bahubali’ was totally blinded by the flashes of cameras all around him as he saw a pregnant woman, accosted by security guards, carrying a heavy garland and slowly walking towards him. He beamed as he looked at her belly and thought it to be good omen to be welcomed by a pregnant lady on such occasion. She lifted the garland while ‘bahubali’ bowed his head, so she could put garland over his head. Their eyes met and he somehow saw  pathological hatred in her eyes. His gumption warned him to run away from the situation but he felt she was clung to him like a blood-sucking leech. She hugged him tightly and with another hand she removed her flesh-coloured plastic belly with lead-lining inside to prevent from being detected. The RDX sticks were tied all around her belly with a detonator flashing LED lights. Security guards made valiant efforts to pull her away from ‘Bahubali’ but in a flash, her long manicured finger reached for the trigger button. ‘Bahubali’ was again blinded by enormous light and his conscious took a giant leap in the whirlpool of obscurity.

10:59 AM

There was a deafening silence as the aged inspector looked at all bloody limbs and torsos scattered all over platform 10 through his blood-stained face. He saw a torn carcass wrapped in white silk kurta stuck to the engine of ‘Shatabadi express’ while ripped torso cladded in red saree scattered all over the platform. He sighed with relief and a thought of new leader started floating in his shocked mind.

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