Sweet and sour (Facets of relationship)

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They say life is like tamarind– little sour and little sweet. It’s kind of a taste which is addictive and invigorating as well. By the time I have finished writing this blog, thousands of relationships somewhere will turn sour and another thousands of sour relationships will culminate into sweetness.

The sourness that clutches a marital relationship in the night also releases its clutches with sweetness of wife’s tea in the morning. The sourness of son towards his alcoholic father dispels when he sees his father crying over family photo-album and trying to feel his deceased wife through the transparent plastic. The sourness of a teacher towards his below-average student transforms into sweetness when he sees him selling newspapers at traffic lights and supporting his family. The sourness of a neighbour melts seeing his neighbour donating blood for his surgery. The sourness of ballet teacher towards her struggling student turns into tears when she accidentally sees her medical report about having plantar-fasciitis. The sourness of drenching in the rain also evaporates as soon as you sink teeth in pakodas and sip hot tea. The sourness of an employer towards his low-performing-employee diffuses when he comes to know about his employee spending nights with his bed-ridden wife at the long-term-care hospital. For every ounce of sourness, there is an equal amount of sweetness ready to balance it. I guess the key is to understand the source of sourness and solution could be to give yourself this gift of understanding and empathy. Sourness encapsulates sweetness like tamarind, a slight empathic pierce on the surface of sourness will make sweetness oozes out of it.

The sourness in the curd actually cuts through the hotness of chilli in any vegetable. Sourness is quintessential to keep a tab on any withering or dying relationship. Sourness is actually a motivating factor to bring equilibrium in a situation. Sourness and sweetness are like Siamese twins; their dynamic existences will come to standstill without each other. I would say for every sweet blocks of relationship, it’s sourness that dips through the fissures and cements the blocks of relationships.

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