Dandelions, dandelions and dandelions (Photoblog)

This year dandelions came back with revenge and entire Greater Toronto Area was kidnapped by these yellow wild flowers. Wherever you look in the parks or roadsides, your eyes would register a sheet of yellow coloured spread all over the length of parks or along the roadside.  These weeds have shown tremendous resilience amid all the adversaries. I have managed to click few pictures of these lovable weeds to show the beautiful geometrical patterns of dandelions.

bed of dandelion

bed of dandelion

This was clicked at the local park. It just appeared from nowhere in a day. Who would not like to roll or lie down on this beautiful bed of yellow coloured sheet. I wonder why people spend so much of their resources in plucking these beautiful nutritional plant.

Beautiful young dandelion

The beautiful petals on this weed reflects the richness of colours and softness that an eye can relish till eternity. Best way to feel the softness of these petals is  to pluck it and brush slowly against your face while your eyes are closed. Your skin will crave for its touch again.

twilight of dandelion

Here’s a macro of dandelion clock. I am just consumed by the beauty of its geometrical patterns. Every stem looks so symmetrical yet unique. The parachutes are likely to be blown away by wind and they flourish again on new rich land. The beauty of their life-cycle is mesmerizing.

young and old

Here’s young and old together. A beginning and ending converges together and blends into each other beauty. It takes them a couple of days on a bright sunny day to reach the twilight on their life-death continuum. A beautiful synergy of colours and textures.

standing tall

They stand tall; ready to mingle with the blueness of the sky. This shot was taken by placing the camera on the ground. Their long stems give the illusion of palm trees with yellow leaves.

dandelion clock Dandelion clock as it’s known, full of archenes will be blown away by the wind. Each archene acts like a parachute and travel quite a distance where it disperse the seeds to grow again.

macro Beautiful macro of archene and pappus of fine hairs. I really love the texture and geometrical arrangements of the clock. Nature has done its best to depicts its art and creativity in this undesirable weed.

I have my old blog on dandelion on wordpress. If you’re interested to know more about this weed, the link is here ” Blow away dandelion“.

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2 thoughts on “Dandelions, dandelions and dandelions (Photoblog)

  1. Thanks for featuring this gorgeous and unappreciated plant. Weed is too harsh a word for something so pretty but perfectly correct of course. I particularly like the image with the extremely low perspective, palm trees, yes but they reminded me more of sunflowers.

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