Colours in an achromatopsia’s life

colour pencil

Mr. P.L.Narayanswamy sat on the brown wooden bench by the paved path in a community park and started observing nature with his monochromacy. The green foliage and yellow faunas appeared to him in grey or its various shades.

“That’s so dull and mundane”, he muttered under his breath and started observing people instead in the twilight as fatigued crimson Sun made its way below the horizon.

He looked at an old man in his late seventies walking with brisk pace and a smile broke into crescent on his lips.

“This old fogy is in the pink of health”, he smiled with his thought as that’s only way he could observe any colour and that too in the form of emotions or expressions.

After hearing the heavy thumping sound, he turned his head to see an obese woman jogging with a frown while looking at another curvaceous jogger of her age.

“…. Isn’t she green with envy looking at that slim figure “, he marvelled at his thought as he found another colour in human emotion as his own life is devoid of any colours. He looked at her humungous butt and quickly turned his head to see a young teen walking with a slouch with his head down and dragging his feet.

” Oops….he’s all blue. Snap out of it, young man. In your age, I used to paint the town red“, he beamed at the teen who looked at him and ignored him.

Soon he found a couple walking slowly hand-in-hand while he crooned something softly in her ears and she blushed.

“That’s cute. She must be red in her face”, he expressed joyfully even though he could only see her face changed a shade of grey.

Mr. P.L.Narayanswamy looked at his watch and started to get up as it was well beyond the park’s closing hours. Suddenly he heard an argument and turned to see a policeman holding a young man’s arm and chiding at him about strolling in the park after closing hours.

“Wow, he looks as white as ghost”, he chuckled and walked towards the exit of the park.

“Mr. P.L.Narayanswamy. You were diagnosed with achromatopsia (colour blindness – monochromacy) since your childhood and you have definitely a very creative way to put colours in your life”, he told himself enthusiastically and patted his back.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


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