Daily Prompt: Standstill


This was clicked when cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Kariya garden in Mississauga (Ontario). I was totally mesmerized by the beauty of this Japanese trees and the petals were all over this small garden. For a moment I felt I was in heaven and that was the moment of bliss.  The bliss you felt looking at these petals floating on the water in timeless stillness was amazing.


I soaked myself in that pleasure of stillness thinking I’m a petal without any ego and floating wherever a slight ripple in the water takes me. All my anxiety, stress and resentment got washed away for a moment in this stillness.


There was no rivalry or spite anywhere in that moment of stillness. All petals were floating freely and caressing  other petals with affection. There was pure joy and bliss in this observation. This was my moment of stillness which was the moment of ‘Now’.


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