Sweet lie of motherhood (Short story)

They consummated….they spent. Both lied on their backs with exhaustion. He was looking at the roof and noticed a piece of scotch tape stuck on the AC vent and was flapping frivolously. He slid his hand on her protruding belly and felt the presence of life with the touch. The thought of getting into fatherhood excited him to the hilt. He smiled with his thought. He looked at her and was besotted with the amazing glow on her face. She was looking beautiful in the dim light and her long dark hairs cascaded on her slender neck like a serpent.
“Did you come?”, he asked his wife
“Hmmmmmmmmmm…..”, she replied shyly.
“Hmmmmmm what?”
“What’s what??”, she demanded.
“I asked you a simple question. ‘did you come?’ “,he said annoyingly.
“I did…….”,she said coyly and slid her hand on her belly. She felt a soul stirring in there with unease. She stroked her belly with affection. After few moments ,the stirring stopped mysteriously as something transpired through her magic fingers.
    While making love, the thought of getting her baby harmed in the process was pretty dominant on her mind. Her total focus was on her belly ; and orgasm was million miles away. She lied to him convincingly and smile danced on her thin lips to enhance her conviction furthermore. He basked in her smile and fed his male-chauvinism. He closed his eyes and contentment spread on his face

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