Colours around me

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Colours….. that’s what fill our senses and stimulates our optic nerves. Life will be very boring and dull without colours. Our planet is full of exotic colours and can be seen everywhere ; even in our daily life. There are so many beautiful colours around us that we tend to overlook sometime. All we have to do is slow down a bit and create an awareness around us and you will be surprised to stumble upon some of the beautiful things which were there all the while. There are few of these things that were around me and I tried to capture these beautiful colourful objects.  Here is the macro shot of Crayola coloured pencils which will bring back the memories of our childhood. I tried to capture this macro with depth of field.


This is colourful rangoli which you will find in your house on any auspicious day of festival. My wife makes rangoli with perfection and I couldn’t help capturing the beautiful colours in my camera.


Who hasn’t tasted ‘M & M’ or our  ‘Gems’ from Cadbury. More than the taste, its colours which attract our senses. Before you satisfy your tongue, your eyes get satisfied with stimulating colours.


The passionate colours of Maple leaves is always cynosure of my ogling eyes. Their journey of spring to fall with colours like green to yellow or red or brown does stimulate my senses and keep me intrigued about the marvel of nature. I have collected these leaves at various time to capture the exotic colours of maple leaves.


This is what the best of Ontario. I have captured these beautiful colours of fall in the spencer gorge at Hamilton. One can stand here and gaze at these beautiful colours of fall for hours without getting tired.


I’m sure you will have hundreds of such colourful objects around you to capture your attention, Just pause and enjoy those colours as long as you live.

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30 thoughts on “Colours around me

  1. सुन्दर प्रस्तुति बिन्नी जी
    बढ़िया तस्वीरे हैं
    सही बात हैं बचपन से बुढ़ापे तक हम रंगों से आकर्षित होते हैं
    कोई उत्सव ख़ुशी बिना रंगों के देखी हैं भला

  2. Beautiful pics! And you’re so right about enjoying colors. I guess we subconsciously do enjoy them, just dont talk about it.

  3. I remember being so choosy about the color of Gems despite knowing they all taste the same!
    Beautiful pictures Binzy. My favourite is the Colored pencils one. Thank you for reviving my childhood memories 🙂
    All the best for BAT 🙂

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