Brewing Tea Meditation

Mom was leaning over the pot of brewing tea for quite a while. The pot was on the stove and brewing would take its own sweet time. I had hard time understanding mom’s idiosyncrasy.
‘Mom, standing close to it will not speed up the brewing,’ I moaned.
‘I know….just like that,’ she answered with little lost look in her eyes.
‘just like that…..,’ I uttered under my breath.
Yesterday, I got up early and my day usually starts with a cup of hot tea. I filled the utensil with water and put two tea bags in it. I turned on the stove. I couldn’t help noticing the discolouration of water. The whole process was really mesmerizing. Tea started dissolving in the boiling water and suddenly the lingering freshness of tea started filling my nostrils. The aroma was really pleasant. The formation of steam over the kettle of boiling tea enhanced the ambience. Slowly I was seduced in the aura of lucidity. It seemed I was in the state of transcendental meditation .My mind was empty and there were no thoughts wrestling with my rationality. There was serenity over me. I didn’t know how long I would have been in the trance. Suddenly my reverie was broken by my mom’s voice.
“Milk… got to put milk now…..,” she whispered from far end of the kitchen.

I guess I can safely conclude now that one does not need any place , time, technique or prop to do meditation. Disengaging one’s mind triggers the process of meditation. So next time, I see someone standing next to the pot of brewing tea and staring at the tanned liquid, I shall recall my own experience of brewing tea.


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