It pours: both from the eyes and the sky ( Short story)


This is sequel to my earlier short story “Escape “.

She looked out of the window to see beautiful flowers swaying with exotic wind. The dream of her becoming a butterfly was still dominant on her mind and serenity poured on her. Suddenly her eyes rested on the dark clouds on the horizon and a painless shiver ran down her spine. Serenity seemed to be evaporated into thin air. She felt her fears are ready to pounce on her like demons and she had to capitulate to it as she had no more strength left in her to dispel that awful memory of a rainy night. She pushed her wheelchair away from the window. She closed her eyes and tears rolled down her cheeks to burn a track of pain on her cheeks. She knew she had to relive that memory and absorb every bit of pain associated with it.


It was pouring heavily and rain was splashing hard against the windshield making it difficult to see ahead. She was in the passenger seat and was admiring her Knight-in-shining-Armour’s skillful maneuver on the wet road. Occasionally he would rolled down the side window and put his head out in the rain to wet his hair, then he would shake his head like a puppy to dispose off excess of  water from his hair. In the process he would make her face wet and would drink her beauty through his eyes.

He mutter romantically ,”You look wild and beautiful when you are wet !”

She melted in the passion and longed to be kissed. He gauged her need and moved forward to honour it. Passion can eclipse one’s wisdom. In a split second , he felt a sudden jerk. The right side of the car kissed the side fences of the highway. He pressed the brakes hard …. car skidded on the wet road and took 180 degrees of turn and collided with the passing mac truck sideways. She felt sharp pain in her legs and her scream trapped in her throat. The last thing she saw was shattering windshield and million pieces of it flying towards her with a splash of pouring rain. Darkness had encapsulated her.

“Damn the faulty airbag system……..”,she heard someone saying with anger. Her whole body was in terrible pain. She tried to open her eyes and saw a blurred figure approaching her. The figure bent down and whispered in her ears “The steering wheel broke his ribs and one of the broken rib has punctured his heart. The doctors are trying……be brave ,my child”. She was too numb and exhausted to feel any pain.


Sudden burst of rain brought her out of her reverie. It poured: both from the sky as well as from her eyes. ” Harbinger of pain” created small puddles around her beautiful flowers. She sniffed the musky earthly smell of the first rain on dry earth. Her hatred towards rain began to dissolved a bit.

“You look wild and beautiful when you are wet !” echoed in her ears. She closed her eyes for a moment and pushed the hand-rims of her wheelchair to move it towards the only window of her room. She tried to raise her torso to the windowsill. She had gone through the excruciating series of pain in the process. It was pouring outside. She managed to get her head out of the window and let the pouring rain wet her hair and face thoroughly. She let herself fall back in the wheelchair and pushed the hand-rims to move in the centre of the room. She shook her head like a puppy and splash the water all over the posters of butterflies.

She screamed with ephemeral joy ” You all look wild and beautiful when you’ll are wet !!”


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