Reflective memory (100 words fiction)



He looked at the reflection of bearded-man on the lid of dustbin and tried to feel the beard through his tiny fingers. The razor-edge partition between illusion and reality often fades under the spell of sleep. It conjured up the sweetest memories a 4-year-old could ever have. Suddenly Drishti realised sleepy Ravi leaning over the dustbin to embrace the reflection as to relive those fondest memories, she picked him up. He uttered a faint word ” Papa….”.  Drishti turned her head to catch the staring-eyes of bearded-man and was amazed at his strikingly resemblance with Kargil-war-martyr Late major  Pradeep Chawla.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe
This is my entry for 100 words on Saturday.

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