Noose of Silky hairs ( fiction in 9 sentences)

It was her long beautiful brown hair that mesmerized him to the hilt and cajoled him to pop the question to her in his office. It was her beautiful brown hair that caressed his face and hairy chest every time she made love to him passionately. It was her beautiful hair by which he would pull her towards her and croon a secret in her ear by moving that silky hair.

He looked at her brown hair flowing softly against the crimson sky and melancholy began to engulf him with the fear of losing her. He’d been living this hell ever since she broke the news of her getting divorce with him. He felt as he was falling in the abyss of depression and suicidal thoughts started tormenting his sagacity.


She felt she was dreaming as someone was pulling her by her long hair and she felt slight rumble on the bed beside her and heard a mumble as someone was getting choked. She turned her head and opened her eyes slowly only to scream loudly at what she saw. He had tied the knot with her beautiful silky hair around his neck and held one end tightly to kill himself of asphyxia.

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