Belly Dancer (Photoblog)

These pictures were clicked during my visit to Dubai in October this year.


The belly dancer’s enigmatic mood was captured. Though there were red eyes in the pic which went well with her exotic make-up and hence I left it as it is. The colourful costume enhances the vixen-look of the dancer.


The belly dancer’s shimmies were the highlights of her dance. The costume and drape actually accentuated her performance on the stage.


The sword was tucked in the fold of her waist and it was very well-balanced by the dancer. The percussive movements of the dancer with the beat was very impressive.


The fluid movement of the dancer. A well manoeuvred movement with hands and hips was pleasure to watch.

The flexibility of dancer was captured in the pic.


The gyrating hips with staccato movements was magic in itself. The dancer was in fluid and meditative state of bliss while performing her dance. I’m glad I could capture her dynamic movements with her hair swaying on her face while her split skirts flying like serpents in the air.

It was a nice 30 minutes of entertainment which gave us a glimpse of middle-east culture and traditions.



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