Melancholic yet mesmerising sunsets

Sunsets have always played a pivot role in my life in balancing my moods. Some of the sunsets are so breath-taking that it has etched in my memory forever. While some of the sunsets are melancholic as it signify the end of the day in glorious way. No matter where one goes, Sunsets will always strum the string of memories and revive a hidden memory in one’s heart. I have tried to capture few such sunsets in Dubai, Goa and Mumbai.


This sunset was captured in Dubai over the Persian gulf.  Lonely yet confident; sinking yet glorified.


This sunset was captured over sand dunes in Dubai. The cool sand and warm Sun was real contrast. Managed to captured hues of sunset along with desert vegetation as silhouette.


This sunset was captured while travelling in car towards Andheri in Mumbai. The Sun through leave-less tree was a metaphor signifying ruthless yet warm life of Mumbaiites.


This beautiful sunset where the Sun tried to drape itself with clouds to cover its glory. This beautiful sunset over the Arabian sea will always bring me the fondest memories of Goa.


Here the sunset was captured with beautiful hues on the sky and faint reflection on the sea while the silhouette of my wife soaking up the warmth of the Sun. One of the beautiful sunset in Goa.


Ripples on the bed of sand and the glorious Sun displaying its diminishing vigour while sinking slowly under the horizon.


I’m glad I did manage to captured this beautiful sunset over the sand dunes in Dubai. The perfect circle of sun just resting on the edge of sand hill, waiting to roll down under the horizon.


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