My Theory on relationship

I was just thinking about a relationship and these thoughts crept in my mind. I have tried to analyse it minutely. Just want to share my thoughts on it.

My understanding of a relationship is that it’s sum of one’s value system, one’s degree of comfort with partner and one’s expected reward out of it. If any one of this element in relationship is debased ,the whole relationship deteriorates.

Relationship = value system + degree of comfort + expected reward

Value system” can be purpose, perception, prejudice, moral thoughts etc. Basically, it depends on your upbringing. If your value system dovetails with your partner’s, chances are that the relationship will flourish.

Degree of comfort” is your comfort level which you enjoy with your partner. You might feel easier to communicate to your partner about your inner fear, secrets, phobias etc. Or at times, you don’t have to because your partner may sense your feelings.

Expected reward” can be respect, caring, compliments, feel-good feelings, timely provided-space, sharing etc.

The sum of these three ingredients can form a relationship. The optimum degrees of these ingredients between two people make them really connected to each other. If one of these ingredients are neglected, emphasise on other two ingredients can survive the relationship.

Any inputs ??????????