Ominous Light (short story)


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It’s his 7th straight day in the solitary confinement which is dark, dingiest and humid. The only source of light was once in the night when a small opening in the metal door opens and plate full of food pushed in through it. With this a faint light would percolate in to reveal the dimension of his tiny 7 by 6 feet cell. He would register every bit of information in his mind and tried to correlate it with other senses. This was his only mental activity to keep himself sane. He started seeing things very clearly in the dark by the end of day 3. It’s strange how a body gets acclimatised to unfavourable circumstances.  He had formed an alliance with darkness and acquiesced. His only solace was darkness which was his constant companion even though he was fighting his own demons of his mind. He could see all the names of previous prisoners engraved on the walls. He picked up a tiny gravel from the floor and started etching his name on the wall. He liked what he saw on the wall.

He got 15 years imprisonment with 90 days in solitary confinement under section 73 of the Indian penal code for making insurance fraud of 30 millions rupees which he took as his life insurance and proved himself dead by burning a vagabond’s corpse. His fraud was unearthed after few months and he was captured in one of the motel in Kathmandu. His first two days in solitary confinement was very atrocious as he would banged his head against the wall, screamed his lungs out and cried till his eyes swelled. His 90 days stay here would be no lesser than staying in hell.

He heard a faint knock on the door. A plate with sweets and clay-lamp was pushed through the small opening of the door. The rough coarse voice of sentry wished him happy Diwali. He felt as sun appeared above the horizon only for him tonight as he tried to look at clay-lamp. He took it as good omen. He covered his eyes and cried in agony as his eyes were blinded by the light in his small cell. His week-long companion deserted him in dumps. He tried to look through his fingers but couldn`t see a thing. He felt for sweets and savoured it. He licked his fingers and felt for lamp. He felt the warmth but couldn`t make friends with alienated light. He let lamp devoured him slowly and consumed his flesh and soul on this auspicious day. His cell bathed in the beauty of light as his silent scream trapped in the back of his throat.


The jailer opened the gigantic metal door after seeing smoke and smelling burned flesh. The cell had turned into an oven as he saw charred body of Abhay on the floor. He took handkerchief out of his pocket to cover his nose and looked straight ahead on the wall which read “ RIP – Abhay Suri amid warmth and light“

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