Geocaching: My 50th Cache

Well, it all started in the month of August last year, when I stumbled upon the concept of geocaching. I found it interesting as it was akin to high-tech treasure hunt. I was pretty clueless as to what need to be done to score some smileys on the membership website I had everything I needed to start. I had Garmin GPS where GPS coordinates for the cache can be downloaded straight to the device. You can also download geocaching app on your android or apple smart phone. I use c:geo app on my smart phone which actually keeps all the information about caches offline. A cache is usually a container which holds a log sheet. Once you have found the cache, you are expected to jot down your name and date on the log sheet and then update your findings on the website.

Usually caches take you to places which are secluded, quite and far-from-madding-crowd. It could be near a creek, a forest or a trail. Some of the caches take you to a high traffic areas where utmost stealth has to be shown as there are plenty of passers-by. These passers-by known as mugglers can destroy the cache and take the fun out of the search. These caches are normally in public parks, streets and mall parking.

My biggest challenge was to shake off the feeling of looking stupid in public place with GPS in hand and searching for caches. Sometimes, it’s a weird feeling being caught climbing on trees or searching in bushes for caches in public parks. Somehow, I have managed to shed this inhibition of mine.

My first cache was with my kids to a nearby pond. It took us almost 25 minutes to find one. We were totally clueless as to what should we be looking for. It was a blue coloured bison tube with log sheet inside it. It was handing on one of the twig on a tree some 15 feet away from main street.



From that day onwards, I have just completed my 50 caches this month. It was in Gage park downtown Brampton. It took me just 5 minutes to grab and signed the log book. It was really a milestone for me and I’m intending to touch 100 by the year-end. Some of the passionate geocachers are sitting on over 15000 caches so far.



CAM00132 CAM00130CAM00192

Geocaching takes to places where you have never thought of visiting. There is a nice parkette on my way to work. I have been travelling this route for past 5 years and never ever a thought crossed my mind to go inside and see this amazing park. One of the hidden cache brought me to this park and I was mesmerized by the beauty of surrounding trees and lush green grass. After finding the cache, I actually lay down on the grass and gazed at the blue sky through the tall beautiful trees for few of my meditative moments. It’s fun. If you haven’t tried yet, now’s the time to do it. Don’t hold yourself back. Happy Geocaching !!