Relationship blues

What is a good relationship? Is it the one which lasts longer or is it the one which has a lot of fun? People move from relationship to relationship to find what they are looking for. To tell you the truth, there’s nothing to look for in a relationship. A relationship forms over a period of adversities, pain and compromise. Every relationship has a goal. Goal to have fun. Goal to have stability. Goal to have peace with each other. This goal keeps changing to another one once the primary goal has been achieved. That’s why we can say relationship is dynamic in nature. Boredom, stillness and dormancy can rust a healthy relationship. Relationship always craves some excitement, pleasure and novelty. Getting up with same person everyday and doing the same thing over and over spells doom in a relationship. Find ways to excite a relationship. Have some fun activities together. Learn to dance together. Go biking, hiking and camping  together. Have some common friends get together occasionally.