Winter blues ( free write )

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

It’s snow everywhere—as far as your eyes can see it will find heaps of snow. If I look out of my bedroom window, it appears to be a shroud of snow covered the land. It was -33 C with the wind chill yesterday and it was bone-chilling. Looks like this winter will never end. Last week, one of the day only had -7C and my colleagues at work were really cheerful and was encouraging everyone to go out.

“It’s pretty mild out there “one of my colleagues beamed.

“Can’t complain!! It appears like summer now.” Other added.

I was wondering what happened to our yardstick of measuring the severity of a weather. When temperature hovers around -7C, we think it’s pretty nice and god-gifted day. That’s a pretty paradigm shift.  All I can say we had a very severe winter this time and owing to polar vortex, the temperature was always over -13C for the past 3 months. When you drive your car in this temperature, it appears to drag like lead. The fuel-economy of the cars has plummeted to new depth as it’s consuming more power to keep up with the winter. My hands are chapped to such an extent that the skin on the tips of my fingers are cracked and when I take bath, my fingers hurt like hell. No matter how much amount of hand lotion I apply, I have no respite yet.

The heaps of snow are higher than 6 feet in some places as there’s no place to dump this snow. It makes very difficult to see oncoming traffic at the junction. I had a narrow escape a couple of times.

In spite of all these negativities, there’s something very bright and enthralling about this snow and winter. When there’s clear sky, the reflection of moonlight on the snow makes it very brighter. In fact you do not need any street light. There were a couple of times in the night, when I woke up to find it very brighter outside. I thought I had mistakenly left my back-yard lights on but I was proved to be wrong. The light shower of snowflakes is real mesmerizing and real stress-buster. Since it’s bitterly cold outside, entire family spend time together at home which is real blessing in disguise. On this cold day, sipping hot chocolate and watching snow outside is real heaven.


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